Revive, Re-Design, Reform

Firebird is an online slow fashion brand that is dedicated to offering innovative eco-conscious clothing for women who want to feel comfortable, yet confident.

We find inspiration in 90s staples and put a modern twist on our designs with a focus on sustainability, quality and wearability.


We are conscious of the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment as well as humans and animals, therefore we choose to create mindfully by using 100% vintage, reclaimed, and eco-certified materials, in order to have minimal impact on the environment.


As well, we produce locally and ethically in Quebec, Canada, to support our local economy and ensure that our team is paid fairly.


We strive to create clothing that stands the test of time, and makes you feel like your best self!

Firebird carries three unique collections:

The 'Re-Designed' Collection: Reworked and Reconstructed, each piece in this collection is picked apart at the seams and re-designed, essentially creating a new garment, with a modern fit, while keeping it's vintage and retro feel. We guarantee that each item is unique and one of a kind.

The ‘In house’ Collection: Products that are completely designed and made by us, in Quebec, from vintage, reclaimed and eco-certified materials. All materials are sourced in Canada. 

The 'ready to wear' Collection: Vintage items that are unique and perfect just the way they are.


Why 'Firebird'?

'Phenix' is Jess' family name (the shop creator), which is also known as the 'Fire Bird'; a mythological bird, that is said to revive after death- much like the items and recycled materials in the shop that are being given a second life.

JESS 5 (1).jpg

Jess Phenix, Shop Creator
Photography: Lola Kingsley @lolakingz