Revive, Re-Design, Reform

Firebird is an online clothing shop that offers a curated selection of vintage and retro items, that have been carefully selected, and in many cases, re-designed and up-cycled in Quebec. 

We are proud to be a part of the movement that is sustainable fashion; our main goal is to keep fabrics that already exist in circulation, out of the landfill, and to inspire you to do the same.

It can be overwhelming and time consuming to shop in a thrift store, as well as difficult to find your perfect fitting pair of vintage levi's jeans, or the ultimate faded vintage graphic tee. So, we do the digging for you, and beyond that, we re-design the pieces to fit your modern day 'bod' and provide a unique online experience, headache free. 


The pieces in our collections vary from loungewear, to quality pieces that you can rock at school, the office or an event. Many pieces are one of a kind, due to the up-cycling process, and rare since they're vintage. 

Firebird carries three unique collections:

The 'Re-Designed' Collection: Reworked and Reconstructed, each piece in this collection is picked apart at the seams and re-designed, essentially creating a new garment, with a modern fit, while keeping it's vintage and retro feel. We guarantee that each item is unique and one of a kind.

The ‘In house’ Collection: Products that are completely designed and made by us, in Quebec, from pre-loved and 'end of roll' materials. All materials are sourced by us, in Canada. The pieces in this collection are all limited editions, as with each batch of materials sourced, we can never be sure that we will find the exact same material again in order to produce more.


The 'Ready to Wear' Collection: A curated selection of items dating from the 80's- to modern day, that are amazing just the way they are! As with our other collections, there is only one of each piece.


Why 'Firebird'?

'Phenix' is Jess' family name (the shop creator), which is also known as the 'Fire Bird'; a mythological bird, that is said to revive after death- much like the items in the shop that are being given a second life.


Jess Phenix, Shop Creator
Photography: Lola Kingsley @lolakingz