Revive, Rework, Reform

Firebird is a clothing shop that offers a selection of curated pre-loved pieces, 

including upcycled, reworked and vintage items. All items in the shop are second hand

and sourced/ reworked in Canada.


Firebird finds inspiration in 'streetwear', and strives to create one of a kind pieces,

while remaining sustainable and accessible.

One of Firebird's main goals is to re-use clothing that has already been produced, keeping them in circulation, and out of the landfill for as long as possible, while completely avoiding the production of new clothing, which causes a significant and unnecessary amount of pollution. 

As well, we strive to break the stigma of shopping second hand and show you that you can wear 'pre-loved' clothing from head to toe while keeping up with the trends.


Firebird is entirely created and managed by one Montrealer, Jess, who believes that second hand clothing is the future of fashion, and that it is possible to be stylish while paying attention to our ecological footprint. 

Why 'Firebird'?

'Phenix' is Jess' family name, which is also known as a mythological bird, that is said to revive after death, much like the clothing in Firebird's shop that is being given a second life.