-Upcycled by Shop Firebird, from a NIKE DRI FIT men's top. 

-92% poly, 8% spandex

*Some minor piling around neck. 


Reworked from a men's large.

Elastic waist bands can be adjusted from XS-XL

See size chart. 

-XS: 24"-25"

-S: 26"-28"

-M: 29"-31"

-L: 32"-34"

-XL: 35"-36"


Length of skirt 13" 

Length of top 13"-16" (stretchy)


Upcycled Nike mock neck

  • Each piece in our reworked collection is sourced and reworked by Shop Firebird, in Canada. Each item is one of a kind, and cannot be found elsewhere.

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    As well, by shopping second hand, the demand to produce heavily polluting new items decreases; the production of 1 new item can waste thousands of litres of water, in addition to the use of harmful chemicals, etc.

    Thank you for shopping second hand, and contributing to the reformation of the fashion industry!