Why we prioritize sustainability and ethical practices:

As a ‘slow fashion’ brand, our goal is to reduce our ecological-footprint as much as possible, and treat everyone who is involved in our process with respect along the way.


Having a low eco footprint, in our case, means not adding to fabric production waste by keeping fabrics that have already been produced in circulation and out of the landfill. 

How do we do this? By reusing textiles or making our pieces with reclaimed textiles that are destined for the landfill, as well as shipping smart.

We source and create clothing that lasts long, prioritizing quality and durable fabrics so that our pieces can be given a second, third or even fourth life after they are sold. 


For us, sustainability also implies that we work ethically, therefore, we pay our worker/s what they deserve and treat them well, while ensuring that they have a safe working environment. 


Along the line of ethics, we strive to be transparent and honest with our consumers, offering them products that are of good quality and offering reliable and friendly customer service. 


Sustainability is important to us because we are conscious of the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment as well as humans, yet we (just like you) enjoy consuming fashion, so in order to be able to consume with a clear conscience, we choose to consume and create mindfully; we want our business to have little impact on the environment and a positive impact on people all at once. 


I (Jess, creator of Firebird) worked as a social worker for 9 years before starting my business. I have seen and understand human suffering, and have worked with many people from various different walks of life. I have a strong set of morals and values, therefore I refuse to turn a blind eye to the issues that surround the fashion industry. 

Firebird’s sustainability values:

We strive to be creative and innovative by re-using and using up textiles in different ways, in order to create products that we love, while remaining sustainable. We chose to priorotize this value not only because we love the creative process, so it came naturally to us, but because we became aware of how much textile waste there is, and if we could use these textiles in order to create our pieces all while having a positive impact on the environment, we felt the need to do it this way. 


We put focus on quality and value by choosing materials that are durable and sewing them well, so that each piece will last long and not be treated as a disposable item. 


We take responsibility of our eco-impact on the planet by evaluating our business practices from production to shipping and beyond, to ensure that we are as sustainable as we can possibly be, ex: taking note of any waste, or environmental damage that we may contribute to, and try to reduce this as much as possible. 

We take responsibility- ethically speaking with regards to our employees and being transparent with our consumers. 


We favour local and ethical production. We choose to produce locally to support local sewers, and also to avoid shipping overseas, as well as delays. We want to ensure that the people working for us are paid what they deserve and work in a safe environment, therefore, staying local is how we are able to ensure all of the above, as we are able to visit our places of production and speak directly with the people making our clothing.


Jess (founder), Polina (sewer/co-designer)


Why we started a
sustainable brand 

We started a sustainable fashion brand simply because we love fashion, but we know that the industry causes an alarming amount of pollution and human suffering, so in order to do and indulge in what we love, we strive to offer a more environmentally friendly and ethical option. 

On a personal level, we struggled to find the perfect pair of vintage levi’s in our size, as well as many other modern pieces that we wanted, but could only find at fast fashion stores, so we decided to create our own products, sustainably, as we saw this gap in the market.


It is definitely more difficult to run a business in this way, but we feel it is the right way, therefore we feel good going about it like this, and we hope that it will become the norm one day.

What makes us different

We produce our clothing locally, offer custom sizing, and all pieces are not only eco-friendly, but on trend, yet classic and durable.

We are proud to say that our brand is ethical, in that we treat employees and everyone we work with fairly, and are fully transparent with our clients. 


As mentioned, the textiles that we use are often one of a kind, limited quantities, or rare, therefore we offer exclusive items that one may not find elsewhere.


Our brand truly cares about the environment, and the humans involved in making and purchasing our products, and we thank you for seeing that, and allowing us to do what we love; without your support and encouragement, it would not be possible!