Revive, Re-Design, Reform

Firebird is an online slow fashion brand that is dedicated to offering innovative eco-conscious clothing for women who want to feel comfortable, yet confident.

We find inspiration in 90s staples and put a modern twist on our designs with a focus on sustainability, quality and wearability.


We are conscious of the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment as well as humans and animals, therefore we choose to create mindfully by using 100% vintage, reclaimed, and eco-certified materials, in order to have minimal impact on the environment.


As well, we produce locally and ethically in Quebec, Canada, to support our local economy and ensure that our team is paid fairly.


We strive to create clothing that stands the test of time, and makes you feel like your best self!


Why 'Firebird'?

'Phenix' is Jess' family name (the shop creator), which is also known as the 'Fire Bird'; a mythological bird, that is said to revive after death- much like the items and recycled materials in the shop that are being given a second life.


 sustainability and ethical practices:

As a slow fashion brand, all of our pieces are considered eco-friendly and are ethically & locally produced in our province, Quebec, Canada.

At FIREBIRD, our main environmental goal is to reduce textile waste by salvaging fabric and vintage pieces that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  

Sustainability and ethical practices are important to us because we are conscious of the negative impact that the fashion industry has on both the environment and humans. 


We wanted to create a brand where our clients can shop with a clear conscious. Therefore, we choose to create mindfully.



Seeing as we work with strictly re-claimed, vintage, second-hand & eco-certified materials to make and redesign our pieces, we are adding very little to fabric production waste, and we reduce waste by keeping fabrics that have already been produced in circulation and out of landfill. 


We ship your orders in cardboard boxes that can be recycled, and re-used.


We purchase boxes that are made from recycled cardboard.


We use tape made from kraft paper that is water activated in order to stick to the boxes, therefore we do not use plastic tape.


The tissue paper that we include in your packages is made from recycled paper.


Our thank-you cards are printed on recycled paper



For us, sustainability also implies that we work ethically, therefore, we pay our team what they deserve, treat them with the utmost respect and ensure that they have a safe working environment. 


As well, it is super important to us to be transparent and honest with our consumers, offering products that are of good quality and reliable customer service. 


Where you shop makes a difference, and we strive to make that very clear to our valued customers. 


In 2021 we started to donate 1% of all profits to a different non-profit organization every month. 

We pay attention to which causes are most important to our clientele, and in line with our brand values, and pick a different org. every month to donate to, with your help. 



JESS 5 (1).jpg

Firebird’s sustainability values:

We strive to be innovative by mainly creating our pieces using textiles that have already been produced, which allows us to offer a more sustainable, yet on-trend option to our clients. 


We put focus on quality and value by mainly choosing materials that are durable, so that each piece will last long and not be treated as a disposable item. 


We take responsibility of our eco-impact on the planet by evaluating our business practices from production to shipping and beyond.

We take responsibility- ethically speaking with regards to our team, and being transparent with our clients. 


We favour local and ethical production. We choose to produce locally to support local sewers, the Québecois economy and to avoid shipping overseas in terms of our production.


Jess (founder), Polina (sewer/co-designer)


Why we started a sustainable brand 

We started a sustainable fashion brand simply because we love fashion, but we know that the industry causes an alarming amount of pollution and human suffering, so in order to do and indulge in what we love, we strive to offer a more environmentally friendly and ethical option. 


I (Jess, creator of Firebird) worked as a social worker for 9 years before starting my business. I have seen and understand human suffering, and have worked with many people from various different walks of life. I have a strong set of morals and values, therefore I refuse to turn a blind eye to the issues that surround the fashion industry. 

Our goal is to raise awareness and contribute to the reformation of the fashion industry towards a more sustainable business model. The planet doesn't need more fast fashion brands.

What makes us different

We produce our clothing locally, offer custom sizing, and all pieces are not only eco-friendly, but on trend, yet classic and durable.

We are proud to say that our brand is ethical, in that we treat employees and everyone we work with fairly, and are fully transparent with our clients. 


The textiles that we use are often one of a kind, limited quantities, and rare, therefore we offer exclusive items that one may not find elsewhere.


Thank you for supporting us, and allowing us to do what we love; without your encouragement, it would not be possible!